Mad Hat Tea | Puenamon
Mad Hat Tea | Puenamon



Everyone should reap the benefits of this fabulous brew, however, if you have tried Puerh once and then never again you can understand why we started blending things into it. If you drink Puerh all the time you can understand why we might blend something into it just to mix it up. So, if you are in the first camp, take this Tea for a spin. The cinnamon, so reminiscent of the East, works magic taking the edge off of the earthy Puerh. A mad nod to our friend Somewhat Frank who made this spicy barn dance happen.

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Product Description

2007 Yunnan Loose Puerh blended with really, really, really good cinnamon pieces.

Additional Information

amount of tea

50 g / 1.7637 oz, 100 g / 3.5274 oz, 150 g / 5.29109 oz, 200 g / 7.05479 oz, 250 g / 8.81849 oz, 300 g / 10.5822 oz, 350 g / 12.3459 oz, 400 g / 14.1096 oz, 450 g / 15.8733 oz, 500 g / 17.637 oz


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