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First things first. Heat, excessive, destroys the Kavalactones (Not the band by the same name; the relaxing component of the root.) Steep the Kava in warm or cold liquid. As for liquid, use water with some fat. How do you get fat water? Add lecithin or cow milk or soy milk or goat milk or coconut milk or cat milk or manatee milk. A healthy amount. If you can guess what kind of milk the Polynesians use, you should be very proud. Brew the Kava Root and Powder in a muslin bag. Just steep for as long as you like (15 minutes seems to do nicely) and then massage the bag to squeeze out any reticent lactones. My friend Duane told me that Hawaiians massage the bag with vigor and for a good 10 minutes. So do I. Use 1 – 2 cups of Kava root and powder mix for a 64 oz. pitcher. More is better when it comes to Kava. Serves 4-6 humans.

What the Germans in white German lab coats have to say about Kava in English translated from the German:

In 1990 the German government’s Commission E, a panel of herbal experts in the fields of medicine and pharmacy, evaluated the scientific and medical literature and approved the use of kava as a non prescription medicine for “nervous anxiety, stress, and restlessness.” The longest running study conducted to date, with 101 people for 6 months taking 70mg 3/day had negligible side effects and, in fact, more of the placebo subjects reported side effects than those taking kava. The researcher concluded that, “in contrast to both benzodiazepines (Valium anyone?) and antidepressants, kava possesses an excellent side-effect profile.”

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