Jiaogulan (Chinese Immortality Herb)

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If something is out of balance in your body Jiaogulan is known to put it right. Known as Xian Can in China, the ‘immortality herb’, it is the plant with the highest level of ‘adaptogens’ presently known to science. Look into this one on your own. Ours is seven-leaf and from the pristine mountainsides of southern China. Jiaogulan is amazing.

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Jiaogulan is a renowned Chinese herb. Slightly sweet. Looks and acts like an oolong. Multiple steepings.

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2 reviews for Jiaogulan (Chinese Immortality Herb)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Jiao Gu Lan is my morning tea now. Of all the botanicals I have tried it has the most tea-like (green oolong) flavor. My doctor tells me that my blood pressure and blood sugar have both come into the healthy zone and I attribute this to Jaio Gu Lan. Lord knows it is not because of “diet and exercise”.

    Just remember to do a 30 second steep. Much more and the tea turns very bitter.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Jiao Gu Lan, or Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is known as the “immortality herb” because of its amazing healing properties. This leaf is an “adaptogen” which is a biological response modifier. You may ask, what is a biological response modifier? Well, it’s a miracle. It increases cardiovascular function, reduces cholesterol, reduce blood glucose for type 2 diabetes… Pretty much whatever your body needs it comes in and helps with. There are a wide variety of therapeutic effects: if you have high blood pressure, it will lower it; if you have low blood pressure, it will raise it; if you are underweight, it will help increase weight; if you are overweight, it will help decrease weight. People within Guizhou Province who consume Jiao Gu Lan all the time often live to be Centenarians. If you haven’t started drinking this, you really should be. My daily intake is usually around 10 cups… Here’s to living a healthy existence into my 100s.

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